About Bitpro

Our Mission

Bitpro aims to be the #1 place on the internet to buy computer parts. We’re laser-focused on sourcing the most competitive deals and passing that value on to our customers. We are constantly innovating in the areas of: Refurbishing – bringing new life to used/pre-owned components, Relationships – with major sales channels & with our customers (ask us for a personal promo code!), Reach – expanding our value to new markets.

Our Story

Bitpro is what happens when you quit your day job to provide a valuable service to the people on the internet you argue with (and joke around, discuss the latest breakthroughs and reminisce with) about computer technology, gaming, gadget specs and other things too nerdy for polite conversation.


Our founder and CEO, lifelong tech enthusiast, programmer, consummate gamer and IT professional, Mark D’Aria is all about cool, new futuristic gadgets and visionary concepts and loves the nerdy, interesting and smart characters that make up those tight-knit communities.